Problems with performance during issue transitions.

This page is about Time to SLA for Jira Server users.


The Time to SLA app utilizes all of the ways that Jira API offers to minimize load on your Jira instance. Under normal circumstances, TTS works without a heavy impact on performance. However, some of our customers observe contrariwise situations, which are mostly caused by external effects such as overall high load on Jira instances, complex app integrations and internal effects such as a high number of SLAs. One significant drawback that customers face is a relatively slower issue loading times after issue transitions.


This problem is caused by SLA calculations happening during issue transitions.


We recommend the Asynchronous update as the solution to this problem. When you enable the asynchronous update, SLA updates are executed asynchronously after the issue events, and so issue load times are significantly lower. However in exchange there is a small delay, with changes to SLAs taking up to one minute to show.