Exporting Issues

This page is about Time to SLA for Jira Server users.

Using TTS Fields to Retrieve SLA Metrics

The Time to SLA app has several custom fields that you can export in the issue navigator. Moreover, the Time to SLA custom fields hold even more valuable data than what’s visible in the issue navigator. You can use the SLA Dates Custom Field to grab this data individually, sort it within the issue navigator and export it into Excel. Don't forget to publish the workflow to see post function in action. 

Full-Blown Excel Reports with Hassle-Free Time to SLA Integration

Looking for more than a standard Excel export in Jira? Then have a look at the Better Excel Exporter for Jira which is tightly integrated with Time to SLA, allowing you to export all Time to SLA custom fields into Excel in a highly-customizable way.

Using the powerful features within the Better Excel Exporter app on Time to SLA data allows you to easily create marvelous SLA reports.

A sample Excel export with SLA metrics generated by the Better Excel Exporter app.


You can export the Time to SLA specific custom field types like Time to SLAOverdue StatusSLA IndicatorSLA OverviewTTS - Time String and TTS - SLA Dates into Excel. The Better Excel Exporter app automatically recognizes the Time to SLA managed fields and exports them accordingly.