We’re Adjusting 'Server License' Pricing on May 1, 2019

Snapbytes is adjusting the server license pricing for Time to SLA to more accurately reflect the value our users get from the tool and to make room for some great new features coming your way.

Since its first release in 2014, our motto for Time to SLA stayed the same: "The best SLA plugin in the marketplace, which is also the most affordable".

For five years, we have invested heavily in Time to SLA to maintain the high standard of quality, develop new features, and to improve our services, and we have not reflected these to our pricing structure until now. We know that no one likes price increases – that's why we've kept them as low as possible.

Want to lock in our old pricing before we adjust the pricing? Even if your license period is not ending soon, you can extend your license period for an additional one year or three years using our previous pricing tiers until May 1, 2019.

Have any questions or concerns? Just raise a support ticket.

Thanks always,

Team Snapbytes