Main road map topics are listed as below. They are in order of development but not strictly ordered.  items are planned for next releases.

  1. Asset Dashboard
    1. Add/Edit/Delete asset from the dashboard with dialog popups.  
      1. Attach multiple files at a time 
    2. Add last UpdateDate and UpdatedBy to the asset navigator search fields. Display them on asset detail next to create date and created by. These fields are added to database. 
    3. Ability to search fields with EMPTY values.
    4. Configurable list size 
    5. Trim huge field values in list view and show trimmed part in popover. 
    6. Bulk or Single QR print option directly from asset or list 
      1. Global QR templates configuration under settings. 
    7. URL rewrite on each search to enable URL sharing and keeping search on page refresh 
  2. Workflow post functions 
    1. Update asset object with asset/issue values 
    2. Update issue with asset/issue values 
    3. Create asset with issue and workflow context values 
    4. Add to change history which issue caused the change.
  3. Auto generated asset name - make asset name optional on create time 
    1. With asset ID
    2. With UUID or random string with a static prefix
    3. With predefined attribute values. example: 
      1. (Short-Prefix Company)(Short-Prefix Town/Location)(Short-Prefix Device)(0001)
  4. Check-out to user, check-in, retire and in repair operations feature to track availability
    1. Ability to select multiple assets to operate
    2. "User's Assets" component: lists current and past assets. Lets bulk assign assets and return functionality.
  5. New Form/Attribute settings pages  
    1. New attributes (field types): 
      1. Boolean, e-mail, Cascade Lists
      2. Numeric Fields (Integer, Float) 
      3. JIRA Project & Project Version 
      4. Jira User picker - multiple
    2. RegExp validator for attributes
    3. Form create options: Form templates or create a from from an existing form.
  6. Category for forms (Asset type schemes) 
  7. Asset Custom Field features
    1. New configuration to list assets by asset filters
      1. Statuses (checked-out, available, in repair, retired)
      2. Only User's assets
    2. Making CF read-only configuration option for Customer Portal
    3. Asset Custom Field's search asset by attribute popup 
    4. Form based Configuration options to select the attributes for the Asset custom field. 
    5. Increase list match limit to 1000 
    6. Display attribute values on customer portal 
    7. Add configuration option to show/hide Asset Id and Asset Type on Issue view and edit screens. 
    8. Fix inline edit, mouse click problem 
  8. Excel Import:
    1. Create new attribute values on import process automatically. Add an option to create or not.
    2. Fix import result show failure for big data set.
  9. Enhanced asset permission/security scheme 
    1. Separate add / delete / update permission options for asset type schemes and asset types.  
    2. Ability to add multiple groups, admin role and logged in user permissions 
  10. Core Inventory (numeric quantity) tracking feature. 
  11. Asset Links: Jira style asset linking
    1. Asset parent/child relations graphical view
    2. Display incoming references for Asset reference type attributes.  
      1. For example PC asset type has OS attribute referencing OS asset type. When displaying OS asset, incoming PC references will be displayed.
  12. Workflow conditions by asset value
  13. Asset search filters - ability to save current search as filter.  
    1. User asset search filter for Asset Custom Field data source
    2. Quickly access filters to list assets 
    3. Share filters with users
  14. Notification module (ability to set settings for different type of asset types)
    1. Reminders for assets by a field status such as "30 days before renewal"
    2. Notification when a field of an asset updated. 
  15. Excel export of Asset Navigator search results
    1. Export related issues as the last column
  16. Getting ready for JIRA 8  
  17. Certified for JIRA DataCenter  
  18. Displaying asset search results on confluence
  19. General Global Settings:
    1. Default list size
    2. Default view mode: List or Detail
    3. Default sort order field and direction 
  20. Fetching Asset Data from external sources
    1. SQL Databases
    2. Rest Services
    3. Active Directory
  21. Comment module for assets
  22. Checklist module for assets
  23. Asset navigator - 
    1. Display full of the user name, surname and e-mail for user picker attribute (now only username is displayed) 
    2. Display optional create date and created by on list view. Can be configurable. 
    3. Display optional Asset IDs on list and detail view. Asset Id is displayed next to Id on detail view. Can be configurable. 
  24. Avatar/icon for asset and asset types
  25. When changing multi-value attribute option value, assets should be updated. This should apply to ListBox, Dropdown, Multiple listBox, CheckBox, Radio attribute types. 
  26. Configure a field on an asset to only accept unique values
  27. Move assets to another type with a attribute matching page.
  28. Move settings under Jira's Manage App's page and do not show asset menu to admins by default - check settings.
  29. Ability to select which columns to display in the Asset Navigator List view search results

Known Bugs

  1. When an multi-list attribute option is changed, those assets lose the previous attribute values.
  2. For a specific Windows and IE, asset custom field fails to search sometimes.
  3. Excel upload fails to display results for a big data set.