Under some conditions, resetting SLA counter might be needed. It resets the counter, and countdown starts to count from zero.

Resetting SLA can be done by two options:

  1. SLA Definition > Reset SLA 
  2. Reset SLA Post function
  3. Reset SLA from Issue View screen

Reset SLA upon field changes

In this type of resetting option, SLA will be reset whenever the selected fields change. Every SLA definition can have their own resetting options.

Configuring the Reset SLA is as follows:

First select Reset SLA option after clicking cog icon next to SLA definition

Select the field(s) and/or custom field(s) in order to reset SLA whenever at least one of them changes


Reset SLA Post function

You can also reset SLA by using "TTS - Reset SLA" Workflow Post Function.

This type of Reset SLA is done through workflows.

Go to page JIRA Admin > Issues > Workflows click Edit link on any of the workflows.

Click any of the transitions or just add a new transition by Add Transition link.

Switch to "Post Functions" tab and click Add post function

Find TTS - Reset SLA and click on Add button


With this resetting type you can select either restarting or invalidating SLA. 

Last, select SLAs which should be reset within the transition

That's it.

Do not forget to publish the workflow to see post function in action. 

Reset SLA upon field changes

Click More in the issue screen to expand and click Reset SLA from the list.

Select SLAs to apply and reset time from the dialog.

Click Proceed to reset SLA data.