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You have an SLA with an additional JQL filter in its definition and when you create an issue that is in the scope of that JQL filter, you expect the SLA to appear, but it does not appear if you have created the issue via e-mail.

The SLA becomes visible/invisible when you do any updates on the issue or regenerate existing data for that SLA.


The reason behind this problem is the technical limitations within the Jira plugin framework. When the value of the field is changed, Time to SLA tries to evaluate the JQL in SLA definition. But Jira returns incorrect results from JQL because the new values have not yet been indexed.


Asynchronous SLA Calculation (6.40.0+)

Since it is not possible to change the way that Jira works, Time to SLA offers a limited but effective solution – the Asynchronous SLA Calculation method. You can activate the asynchronous SLA calculation for SLAs with this problem. TTS evaluates those SLAs out of issue event cycles so that JQL conditions will return the correct results.

There will be a small delay with Asynchronous SLA evaluations but don't worry, it will take one minute, tops!



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