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There might be more than one reason why a user is not able to see an SLA on an issue. As a solution "Where is My SLA ?" functionality lists possible reasons why a certain user cannot see the SLA on an issue.

Simply follow View Issue> Time to SLA > Where is my SLA ? 

Select the SLA and the user that you want to check the permissions. If the user selection is left empty controls will be done for the current user.

The results that will be shown is grouped under three main headings.

  • The first group checks the SLA configuration. When at least one of the results are negative you might want to review the SLA's configuration.
  • The second group checks whether database contains the SLA data for the issue or not. When result are negative make sure that the project and issue type for your issues is not excluded by those settings.
  • The third group checks the user permissions and SLA visibility. When results are negative you might want to review your SLA permissions or the visibility of the SLA.

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