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Asset navigator is great for searching and listing assets. And also, you can directly manage assets with Asset Navigator.

Create: Click "Create Asset" on the top of the page to create an asset. You can change Asset Type to define different type of assets.

Edit: Click Edit button to update current listed asset

Delete : Click Delete button to delete an asset

Clone: Click Clone button to make a copy of an asset. Attachments and Issue links won't be copied.

Change History: Click change history button to see the history of changes of an asset

Edit Asset Type: Click "Edit Asset Type" button to go to Asset Type configuration page 

Export: Please see Export Assets

Clicking Asset Type Scheme (i.e. "HR Assets") will list all assets of that scheme

Clicking Asset Type (i.e. "Employee 2") will list all assets of that asset type

Create Asset 

Update Asset

View Asset

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