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There are two options to import/export Assets and Inventory Plugin data: Excel (CSV) and JSON

The main difference with Excel and JSON formats is Excel imports work incrementally where JSON works like JIRA xml export (means restores all data). Many users find Excel (CSV) import is easier than JSON to implement.

Import/Export via Excel (CSV)

You can export your Assets and Inventory Plugin data to Excel file as well as import from Excel. There are just a few steps to accomplish;

  • Export Template (Step 1): Download the template of the form you wish to import bulk data. 
    • Second download choice is the template with the existing data which is a guide for you to successfully convert your existing data. There must be some Assets for the form. 
  • Prepare the CSV: Open the template and add an asset for each row. First row will guide you which includes the name and type of the attribute for each column. Use an office application to work with you existing excel files. When the file is ready export it as CSV file. While opening the template and exporting please be sure;
    • Character set is UTF-8
    • Separator Option is Separated By Comma (Uncheck Tab, Semicolon and Space)
    • Multi field value's are separated by semicolon ";", i.e. "value1;value2;value3"
  • Import (Step 2): Select the form, CSV file and then import. There are many validations please follow the instructions on the screen.

Office Application for Mac Users

We recommend Libre Office (free and open source) or MS-Excel to work with CSV files. Numbers application for MacOS is a good software but there is no delimiter option while exporting to the CSV file and it always exports semicolon (;) separated values instead of coma (,) separated values.  

CSV file format

Detailed documentation can be found at Common Format Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Files

Import/Export via JSON

You can export your Assets and Inventory Plugin entire data to JSON file as well as import from JSON. This a complete backup and restore process. 


Destructive operation!

JSON Data import will wipe all existing Assets And Inventory Plugin content, including the Asset custom fields' value for the JIRA issues. It is strongly recommended that you backup your database first! 

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