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After upgrade JIRA and JIP AIP (especially Assets and Inventory Plugin 1.10.5 to 2.x version), JIP AIP does not display any inventories.


Atlassian activeobjects generates different table names for different versions of JIP AIP which causes problem. Actually, there is no data loss, but the table name change.

titleA customer's issue

"I upgrade JIRA to JIRA Software 7.0 and your plugin Inventory to 2.4.8. After that i can't see any data from web interface. In mysql DB they are. What i can do ?" 


Atlassian provides activeobjects to support database operations. And each add-on may have their own tables starting with some unique prefixes. For Assets and Inventory Plugin, it is supposed to be AO_23ADAF_.

In some clients, also tables with AO_C5D949_ or AO_CA2219_ prefixes may exist. We raised an issue to Atlassian for this problem. 



There should be a couple JIP AIP tables with different starting names.