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  • Indexing and search algorithm changed to WhiteSpace analyzer. Text based searches may be effected, please see docs for more information.
  • Leading wildcard search is added, now you can filter assets with "ends with" query. To find all words ends with ".jpg", you can use i.e: *.jpg
  • New JQL function: assetByField. Now Jira issues can e filtered by any multiple fields of the selected assets 
  • New configuration option added to set asset custom field options to display reporters assets only
  • Location list is sorted by name for asset create/edit screen
  • Asset name is added to search options for custom field and link asset search popup
  • Wildcard search option is added to Text based attribute search
  • Inactive user name is displayed as line-through
  • Added new CSV import option for fetching reference asset types: id, name or both