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  • Navigate to JIRA Admin > Add-ons > Enhancer Plugin Menu > Metrics menu item or simply type Metrics in the shortcut dialog (press g g or . to pop up this dialog)
  • Click on  button to add a new Metric.
  • Fill the Metric dialog

    • A unique name for your metric
    • Type of the metric
      1. IssueCount: JQL is run periodically and count of issues is stored
        • If IssuesCount is selected, you should type JQL.
      2. UserInput: Values are expected to be given via this screen or Metrics REST Servicesservices
    • If you want to edit values manually, enable the checkbox and fill the value. It will be stored.
    • All values are saved historically and they are not deleted.
    • All metrics and values are stored under AO_FDF29B_JEP_METRIC and AO_FDF29B_JEP_METRIC_VALUE tables.
  • Click Save button.