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See in our new document.

Often we are asked about the difference between Time to SLA app and the SLA features in Enhancer Plugin for Jira. 


Implementing every SLA features under Enhancer Plugin would make it more expensive and many customers which are not using SLA features would pay more money because of support and maintenance issues. So, we decided to implement a brand new app, focusing only SLA features and leave Enhancer App to cover only the very basic SLA features. Enhancer App will not have any new SLA feature implementation except bug fixing.



Time to SLAEnhancerDescription
SLA Start/End
  • Start/End can be multiple statuses
  • Start/End can be custom date/time customfields
  • Start/End can be comment events
  • Start/End should be single status

SLA Value
  • SLA Value can be timestring (e.g. 3h)
  • SLA Value can be a negotiation date/time customfield
  • SLA Value can be a customfield which represents timestring
  • SLA value should be timestring (e.g. 3h)

SLA Calculation Method

It can be configured to cover

  • First cycle
  • Last cycle
  • All cycles
  • Largest span (from the very first starting till the end of latest)
Only the first cycle

Considering an SLA defined from Open status to Resolved status, issue can have a couple cycles. For instance it can be reopened and resolved a couple times. SLA Calculation Method identifies which part should be taken into account.

Store in database

All configuration items and SLA data are stored in database

Only configuration items are stored in database. 
SLA regenerationAll SLA data are stored in database, and they are updated when issue changes. So after installing app, SLA generation should be done for already existing issues.

All fields are calculated, and they are calculated when issue is loaded, and indexed after transitions. So there is no need to regenerate SLA data. It is not recommended if you have lots of issues

Custom fields
  • Time to SLA
  • Overdue
  • SLA Indicator
  • SLA Overview
  • SLA Dates
  • Timestring
  • Time to SLA
  • Overdue
  • SLA Indicator
  • SLA Overview

Display optionsExtended display optionsBasic display optionsCustomization of displaying SLA times in custom fields, panels, ..
  • Before and/or after SLA end date notification
  • Recurrent notifications
  • More than 20 JQL functions
  • No search over custom fields
  • 2 JQL functions
  • Over custom fields

Searching over custom fields requires JIRA index and issues are indexed via transitions. If the value changes every second there are some problems.

See Time to SLA field could not be used while searching or ordering

Reports and GadgetsThere are handy reports and gadgets. SeeNo report or gadget 
  • (tick) 7/24 or customized calendar
  • (tick) Multiple timespans supported
  • (tick) Non-working days supported
  • (tick) Recurrent holidays supported
  • (tick) 7/24 or customized calendar
  • (error) Multiple timespans not supported
  • (tick) Non-working days supported
  • (error) Recurrent holidays not supported

  • SLA Overview Tabpanel
  • SLA Panel
  • SLA Overview Tabpanel
PermissionsExtended permission for custom fields and TTS menuBasic permission for custom fields 
REST services(tick)(error) 
ReindexingIt doesn't have effect on reindexing timeIt increases reindexing time
New featuresYes, it is being continuously improved. New features will be released as well as bug fixes.No more new SLA features will be shipped, only bug fixes.