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Give a name to your attribute, then choose a . Enter a short phrase that best describes your new attribute. To reuse the attribute, try to choose a generic name. Then choose a type (textbox, select, multiselect, radio, etc..). You can see all attribute types in the latter section of this page.


  • DropdownList: Simple dropdown
  • ListBox: Same as DropdownList
  • ListBoxMultiple: List box with multiple select options
  • Text: Free text box
  • TextArea: Free text area
  • RadioButtonList: Radio button
  • CheckboxList: Checkbox
  • DatePicker: Date picker
  • DatetimePicker: Date and time picker
  • UserPicker: JIRA User picker
  • InventoryList: Asset picker (with search box of all assets)
  • InventoryListByForm: Asset picker by form(s) (with search box of assets by selected form/forms e.g : only assets of Servers and Personal Computers)
  • IP: Text field with IP mask
  • IPv6: Text field with IP version 6 mask
  • URL:Text field with URL mask