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titleHandy tip for template variables

 Many times custom fields or other fields on the issue might have a null value resulting in variable names displayed in e-mail content. To prevent this simply put an ! after $ sign on variable name like this:

Code Block

titleFormatting dates with custom time zone

You can change timezone of the dateTimeFormatter provided in notifier context. 

  1. Copy following code block into your notifier content:
Code Block
#set( $tz = $dateTool.getTimeZone().getTimeZone("IST"))
#set( $zonedFormatter = $dateTimeFormatter.withZone($tz))	
#set( $date = $issue.created) 
Created Date: ${zonedFormatter.format($date)}<br>

2. Change IST with any timezone you would like to apply. Find list of all available time zones here.

3. Change $date with any date you would like to format. 

4. You can also apply custom time formats with zonedFormatter as usual.

In the following part, recipients (assignee, reporter, component leads, project lead, project role members, group members or even email addresses) can be configured.