Status Entry Date Custom Fields

Server Cloud

This page is about the Enhancer Plugin for Jira Cloud. Using Jira Server? Then please click on the Server button above.

You can create a generic date custom field to hold the status change date. This field is a calculated (read-only) custom field.

To create a Status Entry Date Custom Field

  • Navigate to Apps > Enhancer Plugin Menu > Custom Field Configuration and go to the Date Fields tab.
  • Click on the Add New Date Custom Field button.
  • Fill in the dialog box:

    • Create a name for the custom field.
    • Select Status(es) to hold the date of when the issue changed to this status. You can select multiple statuses.
    • Specify First or Last - whether the issue can re-visit this status (e.g. the issue can be reopened and then changed to the Under Review status again).
  • And then click on the Add Custom Field button. That's it.

This custom field can be used to sort or search in the issue navigator.

Do not forget to add this custom field to the appropriate screens.

Issues that are updated after this custom field has been created will automatically update, and show the correct custom field value. For existing issues, you will need to regenerate the issue after creating this custom field in order to see the correct values.