Displays JEP custom fields within two dimensional filter statistics

Built-in JIRA Two Dimensional Filter Statistics gadget does not support some custom fields. 
JEP - Two Dimensional Filter Gadget gets JEP User and Date custom fields, and displays daily/monthly matrix (e.g. Resolution User vs Resolution Date)

  • Click on Add Gadget button on the dashboard
  • Type JEP - Two to the search box and click on Add gadget near JEP - Two Dimensional Filter Gadget

  • Configure the gadget and click Save button
    • Select your favorite project or filter
    • Select User custom field that you defined before (see User/Group custom fields)
    • Select Date custom field that you defined before (see Date custom fields)
    • Time interval can be daily, weekly or monthly to group values.
    • Pick x-y axis, user or date values can be in x or y axis
    • You can give Custom gadget title to see in your dashboard.
    • If you want to automatically refresh the gadget results, select appropriate Refresh Interval
  • Here is a sample view of the gadget.