Number Custom Field Analyzer

Displays the analyzed results of the selected number custom field grouped by any field within that issue.

To add and configure the Number Custom Field Analyzer gadget to your favorite dashboard

  • Click on the Add Gadget button within the dashboard.
  • Type Number into the search box and click on Add gadget next to the JEP - Number Custom Field Analyzer.
  • Configure the gadget and click on the Save button.

    • Select your favorite project or filter.
    • You can give the custom gadget a title that you will see on your dashboard.
    • Select the field or custom field that you want to group by.
    • Select the number custom field that you want to analyze.
    • Tick each arithmetic method (sum, max, min, average) that you want to see either in the gadget's chart or table.
    • You can also choose to see the overall column.
  • Save the configuration, and that's it.
  • Here is a preview of the gadget:

    In this example, the chart displays issue count, max, min and average values of the Story Point field grouped by Fix Version.