First / Last "In Progress" Status User Custom Field

The First/Last "In Progress" Status User Custom Field calculates the user who changed the issue's status to In Progress first or last.

To create a First/Last "In Progress" Status User Custom Field 

  • Navigate to Jira Admin > Manage Apps > Enhancer Plugin For Jira Menu > Custom Fields (JEP).
  • Click on the  button.
  • Click on the User/Group tab on the left-hand side of the dialogue. 
  • Navigate to and click on First "In Progress" User or Last "In Progress" Status User, then click Add custom field.

  • Fill in the dialog box:

    • Create a name for the custom field.
    • Configure the Status and the First/Last field to your liking.
  • And then click on the Save Custom Field button. That's it.

This custom field can be used to sort or search in issue navigator.