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Jira does not have any comment fields which can be added to the issue navigator. However, seeing the last comment in the issue navigator is one of the most wanted features from Atlassian users.

Luckily, the Enhancer Plugin has a Comment Custom Field which you can easily define and configure. As well as allowing you to view the last comment in the issue navigator, the Comment Custom Field can also be configured to show the first comment, the user who made the comment, and what time the comment was made.

To create a Comment Custom Field

  • Navigate to Jira Admin > Manage Apps > Enhancer Plugin For Jira Menu > Custom Fields (JEP).
  • Click on the  button.
  • Click on the Comment tab on the left-hand side of the dialogue. 
  • Select Comment Field, then click Add custom field.

  • Fill in the dialog box that appears.

    • Name: Create a name for the custom field (this will be displayed in screens and you will use it within JQL).
    • First/Last: Should this custom field display the first or last comment?
    • Max Length: You may want to limit the comment length.
    • Only public comments: You may want to display only public comments and not private ones.
    • Show user: Adds the commented user's display name to the comment field.
    • Show timestamp: Adds the comment date info to the comment field.
    • Renderer type: If you do not want to see formatted text, you can change this here.
  • Click on the Save Custom Field button.
  • You can define as many comment fields as you want.

For example:

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