Execution Logs

You can trace Rest Calls Post Function, Confluence Post Function, and Listeners logs here. This logs ordered by newest to oldest.

You can see;

  • Date → Performed Date
  • Source
    • Confluence → Create Confluence Page Post Function
    • Post Function → Post Function REST Caller 
    • Event → Listener REST Caller
  • Status
    • Retrying  → Retrying Failed REST Call
    • No Action → Condition not allowed
    • Fail
    • Success 
  • Issue
  • Action
    • Re-send REST 
    • Show Response
    • Stack Trace

Rest Caller Items

You can expand rows and see details of logs. Like URL, Authentication, Headers, Request Body, called RESTs or Page Link for Create Confluence Page post function.

Rest Caller;



You can click the filter icon which is next to the colon and filter that column.

Note: Source name and Issue key are case sensitive.