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Time to SLA offers an SLA Panel and Custom Fields to make tracking your SLAs easy. The SLA Panel and Custom Fields display SLA information and visualize the SLA status with colors and icons in issue view screens.

SLA Panel

The SLA Panel displays all SLA metrics in one handy place with a customizable design. It appears in issue view screens if an issue meets conditions for an SLA.

Time to SLA Custom Field

The Time to SLA Custom Field displays the remaining time or overdue time as a countdown based on the SLA definition and working calendar. 

The SLA Indicator Custom Field

The SLA Indicator Custom Field displays brief information on whether SLAs have been met, are currently in breach or still in progress.

The Overdue Custom Field

The Overdue Custom Field displays breach details of SLAs within a particular issue.

The SLA Overview Custom Field and Tab Field

The SLA Overview Custom and Tab Field displays all SLA activities within an issue.

The SLA Dates Custom Field

The SLA Dates Custom Field displays the nearest or the farthest SLA date for an issue. 



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