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Time to SLA offers default settings for optimum use and performance on a joint base. Under settings, you can modify and adjust some default values according to your needs and system.

Under General Tabyou can 

  • Select which Time Format to use, 
  • Narrow down the visibility of Overview Tab and SLA Panel by using JQL filters, 
  • Rename SLA Status Labels,
  • Set default values for SLA notifiers, 

Under SLA Calculation Scope Tabyou can create whitelist and blacklist to narrow down the SLA calculation scope so you will not need to enter the same JQL filter values again and again while creating SLA contracts.

Under Scheduled Tasks Tab, you can reschedule tasks according to your needs, preferences, and system.

Under Escalation Services Tab, you can schedule how often and for which issues to regenerate SLA data.

Under Cache Tab, you can clear the cache.

Under Advanced configuration Tab, you can set values for JQL rows limit, recurring notifier limit, and regeneration concurrency.



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