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SLA notifier templating is based on Velocity templating engine.

Parameters that can be passed onto SLA Notifier are listed below.




${slaDescription}StringName of the SLA
${slaValue}StringSLA value as a time string
${slaStartDate}StringStart time of the SLA
${slaEndDate}StringEnd time of the SLA
${slaNotifyBefore}StringNotify before parameter in notification settings
${originStatus}StringOrigin status name, null if origin is not set by status
${targetStatus}StringTarget status name, null if target is not set by status

Indicates whether or not SLA is exceeded (v7.1.0+)


#if(${slaExceeded})You missed SLA deadline#end

${slaRemainingTime}StringRemaining duration of SLA (i.e. 1h 30m) (v7.1.0+)
${slaOverdue}StringOverdue duration of SLA (i.e. 1d 10h) (v7.1.0+)
${issue}IssueIssue object to retrieve various issue attributes (e.g. ${issue.summary} )

CustomFieldManager could be used to insert custom field values into e-mail text




DateTool could be used to format dates. (v7.7.0+)


$dateTool.format('d-M-yyyy H:m:s', ${issue.getCustomFieldValue($customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObject('customfield_11201'))})


DateTimeFormatter could be used to format dates with predefined formats in Jira. (v7.7.0+)





Handy Tip for Template Variables

It's possible that custom fields or other fields on the issue might have a null value resulting in variable names displayed in e-mail content. To prevent this put an ! after $ sign on a variable name like this:


Formatting Dates with Custom Time Zone

You can change the time zone of the dateTimeFormatter provided in the notifier context.

1. Copy following code block into your notifier content:

#set( $tz = $dateTool.getTimeZone().getTimeZone("IST"))

#set( $zonedFormatter = $dateTimeFormatter.withZone($tz))  

#set( $date = $issue.created)

Created Date: ${zonedFormatter.format($date)}<br>

2. Change IST with any time zone you would like to apply. Find a list of all available time zones here.

3. Change $date with any date you would like to format. 

4. You can also apply custom time formats with zonedFormatter as usual.

Advanced Tip

In Time to SLA notifier templates you can use numerous features of Velocity templating engine such as loops, if/else conditions etc. Refer to the official Velocity guide for more details.

Here is an example of how you can iterate over the selected users in a multiple user picker custom field and display their real names:

#set( $users = $!{issue.getCustomFieldValue($customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObject('customfield_10300'))})
Custom Field (Multiple user picker):
#foreach( $user in $users )
  $user.displayName#if( $velocityHasNext ),#end



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