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Time to SLA allows you to arrange permissions according to user types for each TTS item.

In this page, you can learn how to give permission to users to view Time to SLA components.

1. Login into your JIRA account.

2. Click on Time to SLA in the header menu to see the TTS menu.

3. Go to Permissions.

4. Time to SLA Permissions screen appears. You can see all Time to SLA items.

5. Select User Type that you want to give permission.

Select Anonymous if you want anyone to see TTS Items.

Select LoggedIn if you want anyone who has logged into the project to see TTS items.

Select Group if you want users in a group to see TTS items. (If you make this selection, then you will choose only one group.)

Select ProjectRole if you want users with a project role to see the TTS items. (If you make this selection, then you will choose at least one project role )

Select Admin if you want users with administrator privileges to see TTS items.

Select None if you want no one to see TTS items.

6. Click Save.



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