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Time to SLA offers everything you need to manage your SLAs. You can manage an unlimited number of SLAs. Follow the steps described in this section to start watching your SLAs quickly.

Step 1 - Create a Calendar

Time to SLA considers business days/hours to calculate the remaining time. You can define business days/hours and holidays within a calendar. So, you need to create a calendar before you can define an SLA or you can use the predefined 7x24 calendar. Time to SLA lets you create an unlimited number of calendars.

You can;

  • Set as many business time frames as you need for a business day.
  • Define holidays (whole day or custom hours) recurring or non-recurring.

  (question) Learn how to create a calendar

Step 2 - Create an SLA

After you have created a calendar, now you can create an SLA. Time to SLA lets you define an unlimited number of SLAs. 

You can;

  • Trigger an SLA start/end on status, date fields, and comments.
  • Differentiate SLAs by priority of issues.
  • Set SLA Goal as duration, negotiation date or dynamic duration
  • Select one of the calculation methods.
  • Narrow down the scope of an SLA using JQL functions.

(question) Learn how to define an SLA

Step 3 - Track Your SLA

Now, you have an SLA defined, and it is time to track it. Time to SLA offers SLA Panel and custom fields to make it easy for you to track your SLAs.

The custom fields are;

  • Time to SLA Custom Field displays the remaining or overdue time as countdown according to SLA contract  and working calendar.
  • SLA Indicator Custom Field shows brief information on whether SLAs are met, breached so far, or still in progress.
  • Overdue Custom Field displays breach details if the SLA for the issue is completed and breached.
  • SLA Overview Custom and Tab Field lets you see all SLA activities for an issue.
  • SLA Dates Custom Field enables you to know any SLA date of an issue.

(question) Learn more about tracking an SLA 

Step 4 - Get Reports&Gadgets

You will probably have many issues and SLAs to watch, and so you will need to see the overall status and performance at one glance. Time to SLA offers customizable reports and many gadgets which are;

  • Periodic Met vs. Exceeded SLAs Chart Gadget
  • Periodic Met vs. Exceeded Issues Chart Gadget
  • SLA Status Pie Chart Gadget
  • SLA Success/Fail Counts Chart Gadget
  • SLA Success/Fail Rates Chart Gadget
  • SLA Duration Chart Gadget
  • SLA Working Duration Analysis Gadget

(question) Learn more about reports and gadgets



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