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The Time to SLA add-on listens to all issue events and re-calculates SLAs at each issue event, providing consistency across all issues for all SLAs. However, there may be some projects or some issue types that never require SLAs so it might be a good idea to completely exclude these from the SLA calculation rather than eliminating them with JQL in each SLA definition.

Time to SLA enables you to define a Whitelist (so you can select which issue types to include in SLA calculations) and a Blacklist (so you can select which issue types to exclude from SLA calculations).

On this page, you will learn how to:

  • Select issue types to include in SLA calculations.
  • Select issue types to exclude from SLA calculations.

1. Log into your Jira account.

2. Click on Time to SLA in the header menu to see the TTS menu.

3. Go to Settings.

4. The Settings page will appear.

5. Click on the SLA Calculation Scope tab.

6. Select Projects for Whitelist.

7. Select Issue Types for Whitelist.

8. Select Projects for Blacklist.

9. Select Issue Types for Blacklist.

10. Click Save.



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