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The Periodic Met vs. Exceeded Issue Chart Gadget displays weekly/monthly issue numbers by indicator status as a bar chart. The horizontal axis shows dates within a period (weekly or monthly).

On this page, you will learn how to add the Periodic Met vs. Exceeded Issue Gadget.

This gadget shows the number of issues in each indicator status. If an issue has multiple SLAs within it, then it is counted as one based on its indicator status.

If you want to see the number of individual SLA instances, use the Periodic Met vs. Exceeded SLA gadget.

1. Go to Dashboard.

2. Click Add Gadget.

3. Search TTS - Periodic Met vs Exceeded Issue gadget.

4. Click Add Gadget.

5. The TTS - Periodic Met vs Exceeded Issue gadget configuration screen will appear.

6. Select a Filter or a Project to pick which issues to include in the gadget.

You MUST SELECT only one filter or one project.

7. Select SLAs to include in the count or leave it blank if you want to include all SLAs.

8. Select a Period to view the count weekly or monthly.

9. Enter how many days in the past you want to collect data.

10. Select an Issue Date that you want to group the data into.

11. Tick Include Progressing SLAs if you want to see SLAs which are still in progress.

12. Select Graph Type (see graph types in step 16).

13. Create a Custom Gadget Title.

14. Select Refresh Interval.

15. Click Save.

16. The gadget will now appear in the dashboard.

Graph Type: Distributed

Graph Type: Stacked

Time to SLA gadgets use Lucene indexes to ensure a scalable dashboard experience, just as Jira gadgets do. Problems in those indexes might result in inconsistent numbers sometimes. If you experience such a problem you can find possible solutions here.



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