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Time to SLA enables you to share holidays across all of your calendars, so that you don’t need to set the same holidays again and again.

On this page, you will learn how to:

  • Add a shared holiday.
  • Delete a shared holiday.

To update a shared holiday, you must first delete it and then add the new one.

Any change made to a shared holiday will affect all calendars.

Add a shared holiday

Go To Create a Calendar or Update an Existing Calendar (see Create a Calendar).

  1. Create a Name for the shared holiday.
  2. Select a Date for the shared holiday.
  3. If it is a recurring shared holiday then tick the box, otherwise leave it unticked.
  4. If the shared holiday is a full day, select the Whole Day button. If not, then select the Half Day button.

  5. If you selected the Half Day button, then enter a start and end time for the non-working hours.
  6. Click Add. 
  7. The shared holiday will now appear in the list.

  8. Click Add or Update.
    The shared holiday will NOT be added unless you add or update the calendar.

Delete a shared holiday

  1. Click Delete.
  2. The holiday will disappear from the list.

  3. Click Add or Update.
    The shared holiday will NOT be deleted unless you add or update the calendar.



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