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Welcome to Time to SLA for Jira Cloud!

The best-selling SLA tracking app for Jira. Over 1000 customers in 70+ countries prefer using Time to SLA to manage their SLA contracts.

Time to SLA outshines other SLA tracking apps with its stable configuration, reporting and search features. Moreover, you can use Time to SLA on all Jira applications.

Are you using another SLA tracking tool and don't want to lose your old SLA data? Well don't worry, Time to SLA can easily recalculate SLA information for all of your existing issues.

Hot Features

  • Available on all Jira applications
  • Recalculates SLA information on all of your existing issues
  • Color-coded SLA Panels
  • Custom fields
  • Different SLA calculation methods (coming soon)
  • Customizable calendars
  • Reports
  • REST services (coming soon)
  • Notifiers (coming soon)


To navigate all of the useful information in this portal, please use the main menu on the left-hand side which we have summarized in the tables below. There’s also a full list of pages on the right-hand side of each page, which expands all of the drop-down menus from the main menu on the left (marked with a “>”) to show all related pages. And just in case that wasn’t enough, you can also use the Search bar in the top menu to find exactly what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

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