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SLA data of issues in Time to SLA database table AO_C5D949_TTS_ISSUE_SLA does not holds correct information. SLA Panel, Time to SLA custom field or SLA Indicator displays different values from this table.


  • In fact this is not an actual problem. Time to SLA plugin use AO_C5D949_TTS_ISSUE_SLA table to store intermediate state of SLAs. 
  • We use this intermediate information to speed up the calculation of current SLA values. 
  • Since SLAs contain information which changes by time such as remaining time etc. there is no efficient way to keep this kind of a value in database.


You can always use our REST services to retrieve fresh SLA data from issues. Please have a look at our REST documentation. Here is an example request and its results:

GET: /rest/tts-api/1.0/sla/issue/{issue-key}?slaId=1

	"paused": false,
	"endDate": "2017-11-03T10:35:22Z",
	"slaTargetSourceName": "Resolved",
	"inNonWorkingDays": false,
	"notMuchTime": 80,
	"formattedWorkingDuration": "1d 1h 35m 22s",
	"formattedRemainingDuration": "6h 24m 38s",
	"slaStatus": "SUCCESS",
	"synchronizing": false,
	"remainingDuration": "PT22H24M38S",
	"elapsedPercentage": 53,
	"class": "class com.tuncaysenturk.jira.plugins.dto.IssueSlaDetailsDto",
	"slaValue": "PT48H",
	"slaOriginSourceName": "Open",
	"inNonWorkingHours": false,
	"slaName": "Resolution Time",
	"workingDuration": "PT25H35M22S",
	"slaId": 1,
	"targetDate": "2017-12-02T09:30:00Z",
	"slaValueType": "SLA_VALUE",
	"started": true,
	"finished": false,
	"workingCalendarName": "8-5 Business Hours",
	"slaOriginType": "STATUS",
	"inCriticalZone": true,
	"slaValueSourceName": "SLA Value",
	"slaTargetType": "STATUS",
	"startDate": "2017-10-02T09:30:00Z",
	"slaValueAsDurationString": "2d"