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SLAs calculation problems happen after particular transitions. Even SLA disappears and needs to regenerate to see them back again.

If some event types (listed below) are used in workflow post functions, SLA calculations might not be processed via TTS listeners.

Time to SLA app has issue event listeners which listen Jira events that are fired via workflow post functions. For performance purposes, TTS may not listen all events. Please make sure that you're using the right event in your transition post functions.

Steps To Reproduce :

  1. Fire an event which is listed below as never listening in your transition post function.
  2. Execute the workflow transition and see that your SLA data is not updated.

Never Listening

TTS never listens these events. Since these events are not bound directly to SLA contracts, TTS listeners skip them

  1. Work Logged On Issue
  2. Work Started On Issue
  3. Work Stopped On Issue
  4. Issue Worklog Updated
  5. Issue Worklog Deleted

Special Events

TTS might listen the following events if comment actions are used in SLA definitions. But they should not be used in workflow transitions in order to get accurate SLA data.

  1. Issue Commented
  2. Issue Comment Edited
  3. Issue Comment Deleted


Don't use the events listed above in your workflow post functions.