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Available since 7.6.0+

For some reason, you may need to regenerate SLA data for issues periodically. 

Basically, escalation services execute JQL and regenerates SLA data for the issues that are returned by this query. You can set time interval (how often the escalation service will be triggered) by cron expression

  1. Go to Time to SLA Menu > Advanced Configuration page
  2. Switch to Escalation Services tab
  3. Click on New service button, then a dialog will appear
    1. Name your escalation service (this should be a unique name)
    2. Paste JQL. This JQL will be run every time service is triggered
    3. Paste cron expression to indicate how often the service will be triggered. This link is a good helper to generate your cron expression
    4. Click Save button
    5. All set. From now on, escalation service will be triggered according to the cron expression

Edit/delete options can be found at the rightmost of the relevant escalation service definition.

You can define as many escalation services as you want. They can also be found in JIRA Admin > System > Scheduler details section as below.

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