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See our new SLA Panel document in which we describe all features and how to configure the SLA Panel.

SLA Panel displays all SLA metrics in one place with a customizable design. Take a look at the following diagram to explore the features of SLA Panel.


Panel Configuration

Simply follow Time to SLA Menu > SLA Panel to configure SLA Panel

  • Show in SLA panel: You can select which parts to be shown in SLA Panel
    • SLA Information: Top row of an SLA card which gives brief information about SLA definition
    • SLA Dates: Start, Target and End date of your SLA 
    • Duration: Elapsed, remaining and overdue durations of your SLA.
    • Progress Bar: Bottom part of SLA card which displays a progress bar and a percentage amount of elapsed time.
  • Duration Format: Simply customize how the durations in SLA Panel will be formatted
  • SLA Context: You can customize which SLAs will be displayed in SLA Panel
    • All SLA(s): Simply show all running SLAs on issue
    • Include SLA(s): Show only the selected SLAs
    • Exclude SLA(s): Show all the SLAs except the ones selected

Customer Portal SLAs

You might want to share SLA statuses with your customers

Go to Service Desk Project → Settings → Time to SLA  for select SLAs by request type. You have 3 options

  • All SLAs: All the SLAs exists on the issue will be visible on the customer portal
  • Some SLAs: You can see SLAs which did you select
  • No SLA: Any SLA won't appear in the customer portal

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