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See our new overview tab field and new overview custom field document in which we describe the features and how to change display options.

You should also visit Track your SLAs document to learn more about how to track your SLAs, all other custom fields, and customer portal SLAs.

SLA Overview custom and tab fields are very handy fields in which you can see all (completed or progressing) SLA activities 

  • Tab panel is displayed in issue main view, while custom field is designed for issue navigator. 
  • Red bullet identifies that SLA breached. Yellow bullet means SLA is in progress while green indicates that SLA was met. 
  • These fields also display total working and paused durations.
  • SLA Overview tab panel is automatically displayed in issue main page. 
  • Access and visibility of these fields can be configured under Time To SLA Menu > Permissions 
  • SLA Overview custom field is not automatically created upon add-on installation. To create "SLA Overview" custom field, please go to Time To SLA Menu > Custom Fields menu section.

Keep in mind that SLA Overview Fields is only visible on list view such as issue navigator, project view etc.

SLA Overview Tab Panel Visibility Using JQL

SLA Overview issue tab panel can be restricted to any issues using JQL. To configure restriction;

  • Go to Time to SLA Menu > Advanced Configuration
  • Enter a JQL for the issues that you want to restrict visibility of SLA Overview Tab

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