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See our new SLA indicator custom field document in which we describe the features and how to change display options.

You should also visit Track your SLAs document to learn more about how to track your SLAs, all other custom fields, and customer portal SLAs.

This custom field displays brief information on whether SLAs are met, breached so far, or still in progress.

  • This custom field is not automatically created upon add-on installation. 
  • To create "SLA Indicator" custom field, please go to  Time To SLA Menu > Custom Fields.
  • Access and visibility of this field can be configured in Time To SLA Menu >  Permissions.
  • If all SLAs are met so far, MET lozenge will be displayed in "SLA Indicator" field. 
  • If at least one SLA fails EXCEEDED lozenge will be displayed. 
  • If there is no breached SLA and there is at least one SLA in progress, then IN PROGRESS or IN PROGRESS (according to the Jira version that you are using) lozenge will be displayed.
  • MET and EXCEEDED lozenges are clickable and if clicked, details of the SLA and issue history according to SLA will pop up as shown below.


  • You can customize SLA Indicator custom field in order to restrict SLAs you want to be calculated under this field (just like other custom fields). If you go to configuration page of SLA Indicator custom field(s) (seen below), you will see listed SLAs. Select any of them, and SLA Indicator will display MET if all these selected SLAs are met, EXCEEDED if any of them has overdue, or IN PROGRESS if there is no breached SLA and at least one SLA is in progress.  

To configure each TTS custom field, navigate to Custom Fields (TTS) tab under Time to SLA Menu. Then explore settings icon and click Configure.

To change settings, click on "Edit Including SLAs" link.

Enable SLAs that you want to track within this custom field and click Save button.

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