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Formerly known as: Averaged SLA Duration Stack Bar Chart Gadget

Working durations are one of the most important metrics determining a team's performance. Time to SLA plugin offers you SLA Durations gadget to track your team's averaged SLA durations over time.  Here is an actual screenshot from this gadget:


SLA Durations Bar Chart

Also you can prefer line chart as well:

SLA Durations Line Chart


SLA Durations gadget configuration

  • Project or Saved Filter: filters issues
  • Weekly/Monthly: displays results grouped by week or month
  • SLA(s): select SLA(s) to see working duration according to these SLA definitions
  • Time interval: y-axis can be seconds | minutes | hours | days
  • Chart type:  Type of the chart. I could be bar or line.
  • Custom gadget title: is the custom title that will be displayed on top of gadget, if left blank, "SLA Durations" will be displayed
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