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See our new SLA dates custom field document in which we describe the features.

You should also visit Track your SLAs document to learn more about how to track your SLAs, all other custom fields, and customer portal SLAs.

Available since 6.40.0

This field can be configured to display any SLA date of the issue. Possible dates can be: SLA Start, SLA End or SLA Target. If there are multiple SLAs for a single issue at the same time, it can be configured to pick the first or last date.

  • This custom field is not automatically created upon add-on installation.
  • Access and visibility of this field can be configured under Time to SLA Menu >  Permissions 
  • You can create "SLA Dates" custom field from Time To SLA Menu > Custom Fields. Please make sure that you add this field to desired screen(s).

For example, below "Nearest SLA Target Date" field was created to display earliest target date. This feature is handy for sorting issues according to a date of SLA when there are multiple active SLAs at the same time (Time to SLA field can not be sorted when there are multiple values). For instance, below, there are a couple of SLAs for a single issue, but the earliest one is displayed as the value of SLA Date Field.

Defining "TTS - SLA Dates Custom Field"

Simply go to Time To SLA Menu > Custom Fields 

  •  Click on Add custom field button and chhose Add new TTS - SLA Dates custom field

  • Enter name and select field type.
  • Do not forget to configure issue screens appropriately.

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