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See our new overdue custom field document in which we describe the features and how to change display options.

You should also visit Track your SLAs document to learn more about how to track your SLAs, all other custom fields, and customer portal SLAs.

For completed and breached SLAs, Overdue custom field displays breach details for the issue. 

  • This custom field is automatically created upon add-on installation. But please make sure that you add this field to desired screen(s) 
  • Access and visibility of this field can be configured under Time to SLA Menu >  Permissions 
  • If you want to create more "Overdue" custom fields, please go to  Time To SLA Menu > Custom Fields 
  • If you add "Overdue Status" column to the issue navigator, you will see issues with overdue coloured as red (or any colour that you configure).  

Below is the screenshot after clicking overdue field. 

It is strongly recommended that you use JQL functions instead of custom field searchers to get more accurate results.

By default, "Overdue" custom field displays all breach info for all SLAs.

However, you can configure each "Overdue" custom field to display only breach info for specified SLAs and track them within separate fields. 

To configure each TTS custom field, just explore settings icon and click Configure  

Selected SLAs are shown. To change settings, click on "Edit Including SLAs" link 

Enable SLAs that you want to track within this custom field and click Save button 

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