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An SLA is missing on the issue(s)


SLA data might be missing for that particular issue or your configurations might be preventing SLA to be displayed.

Causes & Resolutions

There might be more than one reasons why an user is not able to see the SLA on an issue. Here is a list of possible causes and their solutions:

  1. SLA Data might be missing because of various system errors or the issue might be created before creating the SLA.
  2. Some issues might be out of SLA's scope because of the priority, workflow or JQL selection in the SLA configuration. This would prevent SLA calculation for those issues altogether.
  3. Issue's type or project might be in general SLA blacklist or might be out of general SLA whitelist. This would also prevent SLA calculation for those issues altogether.
  4. User might not have the correct permission to display SLA Overview Tab, SLA Panel or Time to SLA Custom Fields.
  5. Your SLA might be hidden on SLA Overview Tab, SLA Panel or Time to SLA custom fields.


Before start

In order to understand whether the problem is in the display configurations or not simply get a diagnostics report for the issue and see if your SLA has data under issueSlaDetails key. If you can see SLA data on this list simply ignore steps 1,2 and 3.

  1. Simply regenerate SLA data from More > Regenerate SLA data on issue screen. It is always a good idea to take this action before trying other solutions.
  2. You might want to review your SLA configuration if you are certainly sure about that a particular issue must be in that SLA's scope.
  3. Go to Time to SLA Plugin > Advanced Configuration > SLA Calculation scope and make sure that the project and issue type for your issues is not excluded by those settings.
  4. Please check that permissions given to those displays in the Time to SLA Plugin > Permissions covers that user.
  5. Please check following
    1. SLA Overview Tab: Overview tab could be hidden by a JQL filter for all issues. Check Overview Tab JQL configuration in Time to SLA Plugin > Advanced Configuration > General tab. Also keep in mind that SLA Overview Field is only visible on issue navigator or project view.
    2. SLA Panel: Some SLAs might be excluded from SLA Panel. Please check SLA Context configuration in Time to SLA Plugin > SLA Panel page.
    3. Plugin custom fields: All Time to SLA plugin custom fields supports including SLAs. Browse to the Time to SLA Plugin > Custom Fields page and check > Configuration > Including SLAs for each custom field.