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If you would like to report an un-expected behavior of Time to SLA add-on on one of your issues, we strongly recommend you to include details of that issue. In order to do that easily and efficiently we provide a REST service for obtaining those details which are issue history and details of SLAs running on that issue.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log into JIRA as Administrator

  2. Make a GET request to following URL where issue_key is the key of the issue you have problem with:


    To make a GET request you can basically type the URL into your browser's address bar or you can use a REST service browser plugin.

  3. Save the respond of this request and send it to our support team as requested.


Hiding Sensitive Information

If you would like to hide sensitive information on your issue such as user names, SLA descriptions, workflow names etc. you can add obfuscate=true parameter to your request, as in the following example: