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SLAs that are shown in the SLA Panel and Time to SLA custom field cannot be reordered. There is an open on-going backlog issue for changing the order of the SLAs. The order that these show currently is as follows:

SLA Panel:

SLAs are ordered in SLA panel is as follows:

  1. SLAs that have been breached, SLA with longest overdue duration shown first.
  2. In progress SLAs, SLA with least remaining time shown first. 
  3. SLAs that have met their goal. Within met SLAs the one with least remaining time shown first.
  4. Lastly SLAs that is in calculation scope but did not start are shown.

Time to SLA custom field:

This field orders SLAs by their remaining time without considering their current state. We are working on changing this field's current ordering to ordering that is used in the SLA Panel.