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See our new Calendar document in which we describe each step to create a calendar.

Available since 7.0.0+

Time to SLA offers advanced customization of calendars. You can add multiple time frames for each day, recurrent or one off holidays and even half days. 

To add a new calendar or customize an existing one simply follow TTS Menu > Calendar.

Calendar Configuration

Calendar Name: A unique name for your calendar

Time Zone: Time zone of your calendar. TTS will use Daylight Saving Time (DST) when it is applicable.

Business Hours: Configure your working week. Add as many intervals as required.

Length of Business Day: TTS will use this information while formatting SLA durations such as remaining time, overdue, JQL parameters etc.

  • Calculate from calendar: TTS will use the length of first working day in the week.
  • Use a custom duration: You can give a custom duration

Holidays: You can add holidays with following options

  • Name: An optional name for holiday
  • Date: Date of the holiday. Year part is irrelevant for recurrent holidays.
  • Recurring: When enabled this holiday will repeat each year
  • Type: If you would like to use a custom working interval for a specific date (like half days in some countries) select Half Day and enter the interval. Whole Day is the normal holiday.

Shared Holidays: This holidays are shared by all calendars. Any changes made on these holidays affect all calendars. Keep in mind that each calendar evaluates those dates within its own time zone.

Migrating To New Calendar System

Just click the Migrate Old Calendars button on the top right corner of the page and TTS will create copies of all calendars in the new system. You will be still able to use your old calendars when it is required.

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