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To define a metric, 

  • Navigate to JIRA Admin > Add-ons > Enhancer Plugin Menu > Metrics menu item or simply type Metrics in the shortcut dialog (press g g or . to pop up this dialog)
  • Click on  button to add a new Metric.
  • Fill the Metric dialog

    • A unique name for your metric
    • Type of the metric
      1. IssueCount: JQL is run periodically and count of issues is stored
        • If IssuesCount is selected, you should type JQL.
      2. UserInput: Values are expected to be given via this screen or Metrics REST services
    • If you want to edit values manually, enable the checkbox and fill the value. It will be stored.
    • All values are saved historically and they are not deleted.
    • All metrics and values are stored under AO_FDF29B_JEP_METRIC and AO_FDF29B_JEP_METRIC_VALUE tables.
  • Click Save button.


All metrics are displayed.

metrics table 2

As seen above, you can edit or delete metrics in the table. There is also an execute button next to metric which calculates the issues count and cache it immediately. Otherwise, the result will be calculated via scheduled task



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