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To create or update this custom field

  • Navigate to JIRA Admin > Add-ons > Enhancer Plugin Menu > Custom Field Configuration and switch to Time tab.
  • Click on Add new Time passed till resolution custom field link button.
  • Fill the dialog 
    • Name the field
    • Select working calendar
  • Click on Add Custom Field button. That's it.

Searching against Time till resolution custom field

  • You can use Time till resolution custom field in your JQL searches. It is as easy as any custom field.
  • If you are in Basic view, simply select already defined Time till custom field, and type time duration accordingly (e.g. in the screenshot below it is searched from 1h to 1d 4h)

  • If you are in Advanced view,  you can simply type as below ("JEP - time till resolution" is the custom field name)
"JEP - time till resolution" <= "1d 4h" AND "JEP - time till resolution"
  • You can also use Time till resolution custom field for ordering results (ASC, DESC)
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