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You can track time through all sub-tasks grouped by your JQL.

Assume you have an issue and you want to calculate time passed through sub-tasks according to the issue types (development, analysis, test).

 You can add as many group as you want by giving a JQL (e.g. 'issueype = Development), then the custom field will calculate all time passed through sub-tasks grouping by the users. Clicking on the field will give user details. Here is a snapshot to clarify:

To define Time Analyzer custom field:

  • Navigate to JIRA Admin > Add-ons > Enhancer Plugin Menu > Custom Field Configuration and switch to Time tab.
  • Click on Add new Time Analyzer custom field link button. 
  • Click onicon to edit the name of the field.
  • Click Add new Time Group link button and a sub-dialog (similar to Time Between field).

    1. Name the group
    2. Select the origin and target events, they can be any status or an event like 'Resolution', 'Reopening' regardless of status. 
    3. Calendar can be selected. Working calendars can be defined in JIRA Admin > Add-ons > Enhancer Plugin Menu > Working Calendars menu item.
    4. Occurrence can be set to display only "First" or "Last" occurrence, or aggregated result with "Cumulative" option. 
    5. Enable Latest Origin checkbox if you want to calculate duration from latest origin status. For instance, assume you have a workflow of Open - In progress - Resolved - Closed, and you want to calculate working duration from Open to Resolved.
      If the issue's status has been set to Open - In progress - Open - In progress - Resolved (by this order) and you want to calculate time from the latest Open, you should enable Latest Origin flag. Otherwise it will calculate from the first Open status in issue history.
    6. Type JQL to get aggregated results for the group
    7. Configure Time formatter display options (both for issue main view and navigator view)
    8. Click on Add New Time Between button 
  • Repeat adding time groups for every group you want to see separately (Development tasks, analysis tasks, test tasks, ..)
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