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(version 5.26.0+)

Status Timer custom field lets you track time spent in selected status(es). It can be configured to work against a specific working calendar.

Field simply displays total time passed within the selected status(es) as below

When clicked, it displays all details, below is a snapshot to clarify

To define Status Timer custom field:

  • Navigate to JIRA Admin > Add-ons > Enhancer Plugin Menu > Custom Field Configuration and switch to Duration fields tab.
  • Click on Add new Status Timer custom field link button. 
  • Fill the dialog
    1. Give a Name to your custom field
    2. Select the status(es) that you want to see time spent in.
    3. Calendar can be selected. Working calendars can be defined in JIRA Admin > Add-ons > Enhancer Plugin Menu > Working Calendars menu item.
    4. Occurrence can be set to display only "First" or "Last" occurrence, or aggregated result with "Cumulative" option

    5. Configure Time formatter display options (both for issue main view and navigator view)
  • And click Add Custom Field button. That's it.

Don't forget to associate custom field to appropriate screens.

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