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Displays time passed from creation date till the first public comment date of the issue.

Why on earth should I use this gadget if I have JIRA's built-in first response time gadget? JEP's Response time gadget take (defined) working hours and holidays into account. And it works according to first public comment (not restricted to a group) and the commenter should be a different user than reporter.

To add and configure Response time gadget to your favorite dashboard, simply,

  • Click on Add Gadget button on the dashboard
  • Type Response to the search box and click on Add gadget near JEP -  Time Passed Till First Response Bar Chart

  • Configure the gadget and click on Save button.

    • Select your favorite project or filter
    • Time Interval which can be issue (displays each issue), Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly to group response times and calculate the average
    • Response time custom field that is already defined (See Response Time custom fields)
    • Days previously for filtering issues by creation date relative to today
    • You can give Custom gadget title to see in your dashboard.
    • If you want to automatically refresh the gadget results, select appropriate Refresh Interval
  • Here is a sample view of the gadget.

  • Each bar is clickable, and when clicked they navigate to issue navigator.
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