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You can define your own group picker by filtering the groups in it
To create a Filterable Multi-User Picker custom field 

  • Navigate to JIRA Admin > Add-ons > Enhancer Plugin Menu > Custom Field Configuration and switch to User/Group tab.
  • Click on  button.
  • Then pick the appropriate one for your needs.
    • Filterable Group Picker (Single group): this is the custom field in which only one group can be selected at a time.
    • Filterable Group Picker (Multiple groups): this is the custom field in which user can choose multiple groups.
  • Fill the dialog 

    • Pick JEP - Filterable Group Picker in custom field drop down.
    • Give a name to the custom field
  • And click Add Custom Field button.

To filter users shown in this custom field

  • Click the Cog icon next to custom field and click Configure Context from the upcoming drop-down.
  • Click Edit Group Filtering link.

  • Click on Enable group or project role filtering and available filters will be displayed. Add as many groups, project roles as you want
  • Click Save button.

We're all set now, you can add this field to any screen and start using. These custom fields can be used to sort or search in issue navigator.

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