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Condition to allow issues which matches date comparison 

To add Date Comparison condition, go to the transition of your workflow, switch to Conditions tab and click on Add Condition button.

Select JEP - Date Comparison Condition and click Add button

And click on Add button.

Fill the form and click Add

  • Date field: Pick a date or datetime field. It can be either a Jira field or a custom field. 
  • Condition: Pick a condition: less than, less than or equals, equals, not equals, greater than, greater than or eequals
  • Compare with: This field can either be a hard coded date/datetime string or a relative time string.
    • date should match yyyy-MM-dd pattern, e.g. 2019-09-27
    • datetime should match yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm pattern, e.g. 2019-09-27 13:45
    • time string should be like 5d 4h, 6h 30m, ..
  • Skip time part: Enable if you do not want to compare only date part. Time parts become 00:00:00

That's it, the condition is added to the transition.

Please do not forget to publish the workflow.

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